Step 1) Click Flipkart Icon and ‘Add Flipkart Channel’ Screen will show up.

Step2: Flipkart configuration requires the following credentials:

Type following details:

1) Channel Name: Flipkart ( followed by Shop Name if user has multiple account)

2) Username: Login ID

3) Password: Password

4) Seller ID: User needs to call or Raise Ticket on Flipkart Seller Support and request Seller ID or User will get seller ID in the URL after login to and Go to Listing Tab.

Look for ‘sellerId’ in the URL, then copy the key after D till %.

For example:  


Bold and Underline phrase is Seller ID.

Step 3: To generate API key and Secret Key, Visit:  “” and login with the Login id and Password of Flipkart seller account.

 Click on ‘Register New Application’ and following screen will show up.

Put the following info:Application name = API
Application description = API
Application Type as ‘self_access_application’ and click on Register application.


Once it’s done, application Id and Secret Key will generated.


Step 4: Copy the Application Id and Application Secret and paste it in App ID and Secret key in ‘Add Flipkart Channel Screen’ with rest of the detail.

Flipkart Configuration is completed.

User can see the configured channel in Active status and Channel Configured ‘YES’.